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Tuesday 8th March  
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Spanish Moss May Inhibit Skin Functional Decline

05 Sep 2004
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Tokyo (JCNN) - Japanese cosmetics manufacturer NOEVIR announced September 2 that it has discovered an anti-aging property of Spanish moss (Tillandosia useneoides), a kind of air plants found in Florida.

The company's recent research has revealed that Spanish moss-derived extract can strengthen and protect skin capillaries. In addition, it helps inhibit the functional decline of skin cells.

NOEVIR has already patented the findings through the discovery. Detailed research results will be presented at the 51st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy to be held in Kobe from September 9 to 10.

Based on the discovery, the company plans to develop a new skin care product series by early 2005.

View NOEVIR company profile here

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