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Brilliant De Peau
New Standard for Advanced Anti-aging Skincare

Discover a supple, younger-looking complexion with Noevir’s revolutionary new Brilliant de Peau! This intensive special treatment was specially designed to stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanism—for increased firmness and support. Formulated to quickly penetrate deep into the skin, it delivers the active ingredients directly where they are needed. The result is firmer, youthful, brighter-looking skin!

Consists of two types of serum, ESSENCE for REJUVENATION and ESSENCE for BRIGHTENING.


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02262 Brilliant De Peau

Features and Benefits:
  • ESSENCE for REJUVENATION: Contains AC-11, derived from Cat’s Claw extract, to promote a normal cellular repair process. In studies, this unique botanical complex has shown to support the skin’s natural ability to repair cell damage caused by harmful UV rays, natural aging and various environmental stressors. Additionally, a combination of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and amino acid (acetyl tetrapeptide-9) provides superior moisture retention, while stimulating the skin to boost its structural support.

  • ESSENCE for BRIGHTENING: Features two brand-new skin-brightening ingredients, Rose Balsam and Bergenia root extracts, in addition to the 11 ingredients used in Noevir’s Blanc New Reset-W to directly target discolored skin and age spots and promote a brighter complexion. It also provides powerful synergistic effects by combining Vitamins C and E with a multitude of botanical extracts to help increase antioxidant capabilities and dramatically enhance the formula’s brightening effects.
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