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Revitalizer Excharge
Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Treatment Breakthrough!

Noevir's Revitalizer Exchange is a ground-breaking new formula that's sets a new standard for anti-aging technology! Not only does it promote collagen repair, while strengthening skin from within, it also helps revitalize, hydrate and plum up the skin for a beautiful, youthful complexion. Add to that it's unique ability to protect your skin from future damage, and you have complete anti-aging beauty serum that is perfect for women of any age!
Features and Benefits:
  • African Watermelon Extracts: a breakthrough formulation, helps to visibly minimize deep lines and wrinkles while increasing hydration.
  • Star Pine extracts : blended with a multitude of botanicals to protect the skin from future signs of aging.
  • An exclusive combination of Relaxeed, Matrixion and Duabanga Extracts helps to strengthen the skin while promoting collagen repair.
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