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Noevir Herbal Skincare (NHS) Set
Age-Defying Care in Four Easy Steps

NHS is a condensed, yet highly-effective, skincare line with four simple steps that provide the latest in skincare technology, triple epidermal care and anti-aging benefits.

Works via the horny layer (the outer layer of the skin) to cleanse, moisturize and protect. NHS helps smooth and soften the horny layer for a healthy-looking complexion, build healthy skin cells and protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Developed for women and men on the go who want a quick, simplified skincare regimen. Perfect for first-time skincare users. Suitable for normal to dry skin types.
Features and Benefits:
  • Aids the cell-renewal process: Linden (Tiliia Cordata) and Sage (Sage Salvia Officinalis) extracts help smooth the texture of the horny layer by softening the skin and exfoliating dead skin cells.
  • Builds healthy horny layer: Mytilus Glycogen (Glycogen) revitalizes the epidermis to produce healthy, young skin cell.
  • Provides anti-aging benefits: A powerful antioxidant combination of Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) leaf extract, Vitamin C & E (Potassium Ascorbyl Tocopheryl Phosphate) and Parsley (Carum Petroselinum) extract helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Hydrates and protects: Gentian (Gentiana Lutea) extract and Marine Collagen (Soluble Collagen) moisturize and protect the skin from dehydration.
  • Restores an even complexion and a satiny texture: Sphingolipids (Chamomilla Recutita [Matricaria] Extract & Hydrogenated Lecithin) mimic the function of the skin’s intercellular lipids to help retain moisture in between the skin cells.
  • Prevents dehydration: Aquamoist (Polyamino Sugar Condensate), an exclusive Noevir ingredient, closely resembles skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which helps control the amount of moisture in the skin to prevent dehydration.
  • Synergistic effects: Five super-refined natural bases and 25 herbal and botanical extracts provide synergistic effects.
  • Aromacology: Rose, Muguet and Jasmine create a delicate floral base that helps to ease away stress.
  • Safe ingredients:Contains no mineral oil, artificial emulsifiers (binding agents) or colorants. Allergy tested.
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