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Eyebrow Compact
for beauty that's beyond skin deep

Define your brows for a more dimensional look. This multi-versatile formula is easier than ever to frame your face. The trio brow powders will create a natural look attached with a dual-brush applicator to mix and match hues that is closest to any hair color. The compact brow pencil also shapes the most delicate lines; easily created for a polished, natural look. Comes equipped with a magnifying mirror for detailed view.

This easy-to-carry item is a must have for all cosmetic lovers! Creates a more dimension look than Eyebrow Pencil alone.

Features and Benefits:
  • Mix and match among the three shades with a dual-brush applicator and fill in thinly between the gaps in the brow hair.
  • For better results, draw the arch with the compact brow pencil first and trace over with the dual-brush applicator.
  • The lightest shade can also be used to shadow or contour nose and/or brow bones.
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