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Use the RISE system to duplicate your efforts and multiply your income!

Purpose: (for UD and above)
  1. Market your Noevir business by leveraging many resources available through RISE to reach your objectives (such as expanding your business through recruiting, building and increasing sales for better income)

  2. Building a simple and duplicatable business that can be easily repeated to create a secondary or a long-term residual income

  3. Making a difference in your life but most importantly in the lives of others.
Duplication is THE MOST important factor in building a Network Marketing Business.
  • RISE to build your own network of business (Current Income)

  • RISE to help your teammates build their network of business (Stability that creates Residual and Passive Income)

  • RISE to educate and train teammates how easy itis to start duplicating your efforts to generate their own stability in their business.
If you are not yet a Unit Director, team up with your upline Director to leverage the RISE system not only for your growth and their growth, but also for the future growth of your own downline. Everybody wins with RISE.

  • Save Time, Energy & Money

  • Share your story – Share your leadership skills, business knowledge, love for the products and dream of building a business of individuals who share the same dream

  • 1st Income Opportunity = While You Work

  • 2nd Income Opportunity = While You Build & Duplicate

  • 3rd Income Opportunity = Duplication Continues and Builds by Itself to Create . . .
    Your RESIDUAL Income

How to Start (Rules & Guidelines):
  • Must be a Unit Director or above by Title

  • Must have at least 4 attendees

  • Personally invite minimum of 2 new prospects

  • Make a business and product presentation

  • Submit photos of your RISE meeting and sign-in sheet

  • Notify company of your RISE date one week in advance

Icing on the Cake:

Free registration with a $100 SRP product order
(Brand New and Re-registered Consultant from RISE only)

10% free product* gift based on SRP sales** from the meeting
(up to $500 SRP free products)

*Free product must be full-size products.
**SRP sales include Value Packs but do NOT include Business Aids or the Host's personal order.

Free RISE Kit
4 Trial Packs of your choice, 1 pack of Quick Recovery Mask and
4 beauty catalogs

If you are a Unit Leader or below, please contact the Business Development Department at 800-872-8817 to attend a RISE meeting near you.