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With Noevir's natural-to-the-skin products, lucrative compensation plan and expert company guidance, anyone has the opportunity to succeed. And the sky's the limit! How far you like to go is totally up to you. Here are just some of the many success stories among the thousands of consultants who have made Noevir their business of choice...
Pam Whittall
Diamond Director—Colorado

I can now begin to achieve even
more of my dreams with Noevir!

"As I was listening and taking part in the 2016 California Convention, it was clear to me what a wonderful opportunity I was given in 1987: A company that stands apart from all others and treats me like royalty;
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Sovannary Lak
Senior Director—Massachusetts

Seeing the step by step process
on how the products were developed
in the factory was amazing!

"I love Noevir's products! They make my skin look healthy and young, and truly make a difference for beautiful skin. In 2015, I was able to visit Japan with Noevir; and seeing the step by step process on how the products were developed in the factory was amazing! The training and the exclusive product gifts we received have really helped me in my prospecting efforts.
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Dianne Ely
Executive Director—Missouri

I thought to myself, 'I can do this!'
"I was initially introduced to Noevir by my sponsor Mary Williams; but at the time, I was not interested in trying any of the products. My skin was very sensitive, and having done some professional modeling, I was already taking care of my skin. After a year of asking, however, I finally decided to give Noevir a try—and to my surprise, it worked wonders for my sensitive skin!
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Cionie Hurst & TJ Serrano
Executive Director—California

We are firm believers of
helping others succeed!

"We joined Noevir in October of 2008 after meeting our sponsors, Sharon and Eli Spencer, when they were in Southern California for a Noevir function. After visiting the showroom, we signed up and purchased the 505 ultimate pack. The very next month, we promoted to director, a couple of months after that, Executive Director, and we have never looked back since.
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Wanda Durham
Senior Director—New Mexico

I just love helping women
feel better about themselves!

"I was introduced to Noevir's nutritionals in 1998 by the wife of a one of my husband's business associates. I was intrigued by the fact that they were not available in a health stores and was referred to Marcia Hahl for more information. Marcia soon contacted me, and I reluctantly signed up—only to receive the discount on the nutritionals.
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Vivian Pearson
Senior Director—New Mexico

I just love helping women
feel better about themselves!

"I initially joined Noevir in 2006 as a favor to my sponsor, Wanda Durham. I signed up, purchased some makeup items, and that was the end of story. Three years later, I re-joined Noevir and attended National Convention—not because I wanted to do the business, but because it was held in one of my most favorite cities: San Francisco.
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Ellie Dagon
Executive Director—Arizona

I'm over 60 and people think I'm 45.
"All my life, I've been obsessed with my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I had tried every skincare line out there—without success. Then, in 1989, I was introduced to Noevir and received a 90 Skincare Line Trial Pack. I noticed a difference after only three days; and the rest, as they say, is history!
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Crissy Gilmore
Unit Director—Idaho

The Right Time to Share Noevir
"I am so excited to share Noevir again! Noevir has been a constant in my life. I've had some rough situations that drew me away from the business, but never the product! It started with me taking care of my skin as a young adult and through battling cancer with victory and earning so many accolades for my health & beautiful skin, I am grateful for Noevir and know I have to share these incredible products!
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Toshiko Ogawa
Senior Director—Hawaii

Traveling with Noevir
"I initially became a consultant back in 1989 as a favor to my friend and upline sponsor, Dianne (Shigemasa) Chinen, who was trying to build her business. I purchase the least costly skincare line at the time and had no interest in doing the business.
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Janice Chun
Executive Director—Hawaii

Motivated, Energetic & Goal-Oriented!
"Over the last 23 years, I have been a loyal fan and devout user of Noevir products. I even carry around a "before and after" photo of myself to describe what the different Noevir products have done for my skin.
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Linh Hua
Executive Director—Texas

Helping Others Achieve Beautiful Skin
"I have been with Noevir for an amazing 31 years now, and it has not only given me fabulous skin, but also a dream life with access to the best skincare products in the world; opportunities to meet and work with wonderful and inspiring people; and the ability to make the kind of money that allows me to have a quality lifestyle that includes traveling around the world.
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Sharon Murakami
Unit Director—Hawaii

Building Her Business, One Event at a Time
"I signed up in 2009 and qualified as a Unit Leader shortly after I got established. Soon thereafter, I promoted to Unit Leader; and in the four years I've been with Noevir, I've qualified for several trips and cruises with my husband, George, as well as many other achievements and awards.
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Tami Fasi
Unit Director—Hawaii

Turning Every Project into a Party!
"Since signing up with Noevir, I have been busy spreading the word about our products and business opportunity to anyone who will listen! I'm currently busy growing teams both here in Hawaii and on the west coast. I love to get together with people and talk about Noevir.
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Julie Geddes
Unit Director—Washington

Building Relationships
and Making New Friends

"After using Noevir's sunscreen in Hawaii in 2011, a friend invited me to an event she thought I might be interested in. I said, 'OK,' but my expectations were low. When I went to the event, I was amazed at what I saw and heard:
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Mei-Ling Barahona
Senior Director—California

Moving up!
"I learned about Noevir through a friend of mine, Tess, who invited me to attend a Café Noevir at her house. I accepted the invitation, but insisted that I would not buy anything, because I was presently using Chanel. After experiencing the effects of the products during the demo, however, I was the first one to sign up! That was on December 8, 2011.
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Dr. Marilou Cruz
Unit Director—California

The Products Sell Themselves
"I learned about Noevir through my best friend, Dr. Tery Pastor. She had a beautiful complexion and looked so pretty, vibrant and younger looking, so I asked what her secret was. She said, 'Noevir, of course!'
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Rosa Leone
Unit Director—Quebec, Canada

Hooked on Noevir!
"I was first introduced to Noevir products in March of 2011. I met Irena Drobiasko through a contact we both had in common and she later gave me my first sample pack of the 99 line. I started my business in June that same year!
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Teresita Mejia
Senior Director—California

Building My Business with Café Noevir
"I was introduced to Noevir 20 years ago by a friend of a friend, Anita Nepomuceno. I began using the NHS line and was happy with that for many years. Then I was looking through the catalog one day and decided to try the 105 line; and after liking this, I decided to try the 505 line, which is what I use today.
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