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R&D—Combining Science and Nature
shiga Continually striving to expand the scope of its R&D activities, the Noevir Group has built a wealth of expertise in brain science, genetics and neuroscience that, in addition to its strengths in botanical research—a field in which it has been engaged in since its founding—have enabled it to establish a robust research network consisting of multiple R&D sites.

The Noevir Group Research Laboratory (SHIGA) is our core R&D base and takes advantage of abundant high-quality water resources provided by the nearby Suzuka mountain range in Shiga Prefecture.

The Suzuka Alpine Plants Research Center extracts and matures active ingredients from plants collected from all around the world.

The Kitami Okhotsk Northern Botanical Research Center, based in Hokkaido, boasts an extensive repository of plant specimens, including those used in the region’s traditional medicines.

The Minami Daito Island Marine Research Center engages in research centered on extracts of active ingredients from sea water and indigenous plants.

The Hokkaido Shokanbetsu Mountain Pilot Farm cultivates and conducts basic research on native plants that thrive in that frigid region’s severe climate as well as various other medicinal plants.

In addition, the Group established the Tokyo Research Laboratory in April 2015 to reinforce its R&D capabilities in cutting-edge scientific fields and support its marketing activities.

In July 2014, the Hokkaido Shokanbetsu Mountain Pilot Farm acquired certification under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for Organic Plants, initiating the full-scale cultivation of such flora. In response to ever-increasing calls for cosmetics makers to ensure product safety, we are striving to independently develop organic cosmetic materials while establishing a standalone, integrated system for managing plant cultivation, material production and processing, with an eye to releasing a completely organic cosmetic product within several years.

Moreover, we are stepping up collaboration with universities, medical institutions and other external research organizations. Rallying its overall strengths, the Noevir Group is taking on the challenge of entering new R&D fields as it aims to deliver products with greater market competitiveness.

Quality Assurance: ISO 22716
shiga The Noevir Group works to ensure the stable provision of high-quality products capable of satisfying stringent safety standards. Accordingly, the Group has established a management system that satisfies the technical requirements stipulated in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for the manufacture and quality control of cosmetics alongside its in-house manufacturing management system encompassing all its production sites. Also, Noevir’s Intellectual Property & Quality Assurance Department takes the lead in quality control activities.

In October 2015, our Shiga Factory, a key manufacturing facility for cosmetics and quasi-drugs, acquired certification for compliance with ISO 22716: Cosmetics—Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)—Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices.

Maintaining a Green Profile
shiga Noevir has always recognized its environmental responsibility, and as a leader in natural skincare, the company has continuously carried out activities that contribute to the protection of the environment. These activities range from proactively reducing energy consumption at our facilities to providing product packaging that are 100% recyclable. The company has also been involved in reforestation efforts as well as restocking local rivers with native fish species. For Noevir, maintaining a green profile is not just a trend; it’s a way of living.