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herbsNoevir 2012 Leadership Cruise
Once a year, Noevir Consultants have a chance to qualify for a FREE Leadership Cruise to exciting destinations around the globe, courtesy of Noevir. For our 2012 Leadership Trip we’ll be celebrating our many accomplishments on a seven-night, all-inclusive cruise to the Caribbean!

It’s the ultimate vacation getaway, so start planning now! By focusing on your retailing and recruiting efforts over the next six months, you could be joining us for FREE, as we explore the magnificent island of the Caribbean!

2012 Caribbean Cruise:
  • Celebrate a trip to remember with Noevir friends and family!

  • Enjoy luxurious accommodations onboard one of the most spectacular cruise ships in the world!

  • Join us for celebratory welcome parties and events!

  • Be wined and dined at the ship’s many first-class dining venues!

  • Dance the night away with your friends or test your luck at the ship’s own casino!

  • Take part in exciting onboard activities, explore the ship’s many top-notch amenities or simply take time out for yourself to relax and recharge.

  • It’s the trip of your dreams! How you want to spend your time onboard is up to you…

What: Our luxurious seven-night Caribbean Cruise!
When: Spring 2012 April 14-21, 2012
Where: The magnificent islands of the Caribbean
How: By earning valuable incentive points towards a FREE trip!

(See qualifications link below).

2012 Cruise 2012 Caribbean Leadership Cruise - 4:10
A preview of the excitement on board the Celebrity ECLIPSE!
Japan Trip 08 2012 Leadership Cruise Qualification and Goal Sheet
Powerfully Plan to attend in 2012. Qualification ends December 31, 2011. Click on the image to the left to download.

Testimonials from 2011 Leadership Cruise

Yoon Jung Lee
Mary & Dr. Butch Williams, Double Diamond Directors
—New Mexico

“The 2011 Caribbean Cruise was a perfect balance of relaxation, excellent dining and some of the best entertainment you could want! Once we boarded and saw the suite we would be in, we knew right then that this was going to be one special week! We ate at some of the best restaurants we've ever been to—including a High Tea with friends, dinners with all the steak and lobster we could eat, and room service where you could order all the appetizers and desserts you could want! Sometimes we would have a quiet game of Scrabble by ourselves (Mary clobbered Butch), or we would join game tournaments with a lot of other fun folks (Butch clobbered Mary). We made a lot of new friends and were able to eat with them or join them on a nightly dance floor. We also got to go to one of the top ten beaches in the world. The beauty of the turquoise water and the ivory beaches was breathtaking, and the multicolor buildings and quaint architecture in the Caribbean was very special to see. We also loved sitting on our balcony and looking at the crystal blue water. It was so relaxing. Needless to say, this Noevir cruise was one of the best trips we have ever been on! We can hardly wait to spend another week with our Noevir friends again. Make sure you don't miss the next one!”

Yoon Jung Lee
Kathryn Steuckle, Diamond Director

“For me, the 2011 Caribbean Cruise was the ultimate in much-needed rest and relaxation. Like so many people, my life is very busy, balancing many things. I am blessed with a 19-year-old son who was born with significant disabilities, and I manage to fit my Noevir business in as I go through life. This seven-night cruise was a true getaway—no schedules, nor things or people to tend to. It was a fabulous time to visit with old Noevir friends and get to know new ones as well. The ports of call were perfect for casually enjoying what each location offered, and with all the terrific activities onboard, one could stay very busy. Then there was me, who every morning circled the activities I thought I would do, only to find as the day went on that I missed every one, because I spent my time relaxing instead! Although, I did make it to a dance lesson one afternoon, joining a big group of my fellow Noevir friends! It was a perfect leisurely week that I will never forget—and just what I needed! Thanks Noevir!”

Yoon Jung Lee
Minerva Lumbera, Senior Director

“The trip to the Caribbean was simply amazing! Prior to the trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I was the only one from Illinois. Yes, I had made new friends at the 2010 convention and 2011 Kick-Off, but I still wasn’t sure what this seven-day trip had in store for me. But as always, Noevir delivered! The accommodations were superb, the destinations awesome, and most importantly, the companionship was exceptional! I discovered another family within this group. Regardless of race, profession and level with Noevir, we were equally sharing, learning from one another and caring for each other— like one big happy family! I soon realized that even if I were all by myself in a distant city, I wouldn’t be a stranger, because my family would take care of me—my Noevir family! You simply can’t put a price tag on that. I hope to qualify again for next year’s cruise and look forward to another wonderful trip with my Noevir family!”