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2016 May Japan Leadership Training
At NBT we released a sneak peek of the newly announced Japan Leadership Training for 2016. The details of the trip so far are:
  • 3 nights in Kobe
  • 2 nights in Tokyo
  • Shiga Training Center
  • Kobe & Ginza HQs
  • Bullet Train to Tokyo
Qualification Period:
September 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016

For more information on the 2016 Japan Trip Qualifications, please see the attachment below or call Business Development at 1-800-872-8817.

5/15 Sun
5/16 Mon
Arrive at Kobe
5/17 Tue
Kobe HQ visit,
sight-seeing at Himeji Castle
5/18 Wed
Shiga Training Center visit,
sight-seeing in Kobe
5/19 Thu
Bullet Train to Tokyo,
sight-seeing at Skytree Tower
5/20 Fri
Ginza HQs visit, shopping,
Farewell Dinner
5/21 Sat
Depart from Japan / Arrive Home

Don't miss Noevir's 2016 Japan Leadership Training — 2:27
From Kobe to Shiga to Tokyo to Ginza, this video takes you on a mini-tour of Japan, the home of Noevir. Be sure to use the Goal & Qualification sheets below to set your sights on this years Japan Leadership Training, the premiere event of the year.

Japan Trip 2016 Qualification Sheet
Right click on the icon to download the qualifications for 2016 Japan Trip.
Japan Trip 2016 Japan Leadership Training Goal Sheet
Right click on PDF icon to download your Goal Sheet. This document will help you plan and earn this trip to exciting Japan!